About Us

Dotty & Bow is the lovechild of two London-based designers who are passionate about bringing good design & memories together. Every bespoke piece is lovingly brought to life with hand-sourced materials and put together to reflect current trends while keeping a classic aesthetic in place. All the hand-stitches, frills, bits of lace & buttons are brought together with all of our love & attention to detail. That piece of memory you want to hold on to can be made that much more beautiful with the addition of our truly unique pieces that can reflect your little family’s story.

While we normally design for ages 1 to 5, we are happy to collaborate with you to customise sizes and needs. A little more frill for the little diva or a small button for a bib? We believe that each child’s personality needs to shine through no matter what age they are and we want to work with you to make your dreams of kiddie couture come alive.

How we make this magic come alive
Step 1 – you tell us what you’re looking for: what item of clothing, what pattern you prefer, gender, size, budget;
Step 2 – We give you ideas of designs that fit into these sensibilities with fabric choices that will bring the design to life;
Step 3 – We collaborate on the design you pick and add in all the little bits and pieces that will make the look truly unique to you.


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